When you Crash into Yourself!

Recently I said to my husband Jeff, I think I just crashed into myself.  He actually understood exactly what I meant – which was surprising to me.  I was pondering a situation I was in and did not seem to have a reasonable answer.  I was trying hard to solve this problem and I just felt like all the best solutions kept running into one another with no answer to my dilemma.  There was no clear outcome or no clear solution.  Ever feel this way?

It wasn’t a situation where I had gotten myself into this mess, it clearly was circumstances that had me in a hard place.  I started to seek where God was in middle of the hard place.  God had not taken it away or removed me from the situation or opened a door for a way out…I continued to pray and ask… “God, where are you in this situation?   What are you developing in me?   I prayed and asked, are you building resilience?  Patience? Empathy? Wisdom? My character in general? Are my eyes on the wrong things?  Was God breaking a habit, a thought process, or a pattern that needed to be interrupted?  Lord, if it pleases you, show me what you are doing in this trial?  What should my spiritual eyes be seeing.  James 1:2-5.

When God doesn’t remove something, what purpose does He have “in it”?  That doesn’t mean he caused it. It could be the enemy, someone else’s influence, or even something I got myself into it. Since God is sovereign in all circumstances and says he will work it all out for my good, let’s look for God’s hand or presence in the hard things of life.  (Romans 8:28) More recently I have been asking him, “Where are you in this God?” 

Faith ▶️ Pray ▶️ Focus

My faith that God is guiding me leads me to pray and then look for what I should be focused on. What are the Blessings from the hardship?  What good is God bringing from the hard?  

Faith ▶️ Pray ▶️ Focus

What do you see God doing in your hard circumstances today?  Journal it! Pray and ask God for insight and wisdom. 

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Cheering you on!