Leadership Qualities That Start in College!

Kendall ~ Purdue University

Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, 

righteousness, and honor.”    Proverbs 21:21

Let’s look at the character of a leader! 

I could write a ton of blogs on the topic of the character of leader and how it plays itself out, including specific character attributes that are critical for an effective leader to possess.  Yet I have one very specific quality to focus in on.

When I was working on my PhD dissertation on “Generational Leadership Multiplication”, my research surfaced an important truth about effective leaders who multiplied other leaders.  They need to possess a commitment to loyalty, unity, courage, humility, and competence.  Many more qualities emerged in my research, yet loyalty kept surfacing at the very top. 

Loyalty can exemplify itself in many ways yet let me illustrate loyalty with a story about Kendall my granddaughter.  Many years ago, I witnessed Kendall defending a friend who was a significant part of a small group of friends.  Most of the friends in this group had lost patience with this girl.  She was acting prideful and often made life all about her.  The group wanted to just cast her out.  My granddaughter Kendall said to her friends – we should not reject this girlfriend – instead let’s talk to her about the issues going on and not ignore her but continue to accept her as a friend.  We owe her the loyalty and respect to let her know what we see going on. They did just that – they dealt with the issue head-on instead of rejecting her with no explanation.  

This is a beautiful example of strong character.  The character of loyalty.  It also played out with the characteristic of kindness, mercy and so much more.   I was so impressed with how she stood up for her friend, was courageous enough to have many difficult conversations as she exemplified loyalty at a very young age. 

Today, Kendall is a part of a sorority at Purdue University and her leadership responsibilities both in the sorority and as a student shine a bright light as a leader who thinks of others first, puts aside her own interest to consider the interest of others as she does what is best for them in a variety of situations.  Her leadership qualities take into consideration the needs of others and what is best for the group.  

What Kendall did was not simple, and she received some push back as she stood up for her friend.  I am sure you can understand this type of leadership is not easy and comes with its share of complications. 

Being a strong, loyal leader takes courage and dealing with fear head-on!  It also comes with the possibility of rejection and so many other aspects that could prompt fear. 

Being a loyal leader requires multifaceted courage. 

Let me encourage you to be a leader like Kendall.  I would love to hear about your stories of “Loyal Leadership.”  

Cheering you on! 


P.S.    We are all “Adventurers – As soon as we find something we care about more than FEAR!” – I truly can’t remember who shared this thought, but I love it. 

Kendall & Nancy – Can you tell I am loving every minute!