Crying Out To God

Have you been through disappointing circumstances lately?  Are you frustrated, or discouraged?  Know you are not alone; I am speaking to many women almost daily who feel the same.

To be truthful, I expected many things to come to fruition this past year that are yet to be realized!  We can learn a lot about ourselves in pressure filled times as they show us what we are made of and they reveal a lot about God.  I believe God is teaching and showing us right now, who “we are” and “who God is”. 

In Exodus 3:14 Moses had just encountered God at the burning bush and God had asked Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  Moses was fearful and questioning his own capabilities.  So, Moses asks God, “who should I say your name is?”  Then God said to Moses; tell them “I am who I am”.  God was teaching Moses an important lesson which applies to us today.  God is “I am who I am”.  The meaning of this concept is God will be with us always.  God’s presence is who he “is”; and he will be with us always, wherever we go.  Joshua 1:9 reminds us of this principle; Isaiah 41:10 says I am with you; Matthew 28:20 says I will be with you always.  Romans 8:38-39 reminds us NOTHING can separate us from God; he will be with us always.  God’s presence is all we need. 

How does this relate to our current circumstances?  God is with YOU!  The hardest part is not to try and get out of the situation, seek GOD and know he is with us.  Normally, I want to get out of a hard situation as soon as possible.  Yet lately I have been trying to find God in the middle of it, and not rush out of it.  It is still very tempting to want to rush out of a difficult situation.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and as we pray, trust God.  In fact, trust God he has a purpose.  One of the most important lessons God is teaching us now is that we can trust HIM, his PROMISES and his WORD.   Even when we do not see a way out.  Even in the pain.  Our job is to trust God and trust his timing.  This is one of the hardest “walks of faith” we can live.  Be patient, trust God, look for his presence.  How is he comforting you, where do you find him?  Journal what you see and learn.  Ask God “where are you in this situation”?

Faith in Rwanda Africa

My friend Faith is one such person who looks for God in her circumstances.  I have seen Faith endure when she doesn’t understand.  Faith serves God locally and globally; even when her children were young, she went on mission trips to serve those in need in places such as Greece serving refugees, Lebanon serving women and together we both were on a trip to Rwanda Africa serving adoptive parents.  Even when she didn’t understand the outcome she went.  Her children will tell you today, having a mom who loves those in need and leaves the comforts of home to go serve them is full of life changing lessons for their lives. 

Serving those in need even at the cost of our own comfort is a profound gift.

~ Nancy