A Spiritual Crux “Pulling a Roof”

As a rock climber and outdoor adventurous; I am willing to take risks that lead to new heights, both spiritually and physically. Even though this type of venturesome spirit is in my DNA, that doesn’t mean it is always easy; in fact sometimes I find myself in a very challenging place. In the rock climbing world pulling a roof is a figure of speech for climbing around a large piece of rock that is called a crux. It is a large piece of rock that jets out and is very difficult to navigate around yet is part of rock climbing if you want to get to the top of a difficult climb. Do you see the spiritual correlation?

A spiritual crux is a hard choice, trial or test. You may even call it a set of hard choices, a set of tests or even a desert. It is when you are in a situation where you need to try a bunch of ways out. You try many different options to figure out where God is leading you or what in the world he is doing in your life. You try up…No? You try down…No? You even try sideways…Nope! You pray through it all. Paul in Philippians 2:12 refers to this as working out our salvation. It is a part of being on the road of sanctification; the journey of life. I don’t know anyone who has not had to experience a crux in life or experienced the spiritual gymnastics of pulling a roof. It is just a part of our spiritual journey.

Nancy & Lauren

In fact, my dear friend Lauren is one such pioneer who is a bit daring (maybe more than a bit). She is venturesome and courageous in life and she will take risks to follow God in ways that require a courageous spirit. Even though she thinks I am a bit crazy to be a rock climber, she experiences her own adventure in similar ways. She follows God in powerful ways, listens to him, wrestles out what it means to learn deep spiritual lessons. She is like Caleb in Numbers chapter 13, going places many would say is too scary because there are giants. Like Caleb Lauren trusts God’s faithfulness and his promises, even in the face of fear. Lauren and I both believe following God to and through a spiritual crux is worth it and we realize it is taking us deeper into where God has called us and it has and will have a beneficial outcome. As friends on this spiritual adventure, we encourage one another to “pull a roof” and in essence get around the hard things in life.

P.S. To learn more about Lauren Franco: The Founder of [gather], an organization committed to loving, understanding and working together with women from all different backgrounds impacting the would for good. Lauren leads a vibrant team of women who are courageously changing the world for good; check it out www.thegirlswhogather.com.